How to make the best BBQ party ever

A weekend getaway in Yosemite let wonderful souvenirs for our Teuko family. The scenery in this majestic national park is simply amazing. After a day of hiking with the kids, we spent a night filled with “Good Ol’ Country Cookin” and fun. Here is your easy BBQ Party guide for bringing the grilling season fun in your backyard!

The “Good Ol’ Country” Atmosphere

A "Good Ol' Country" Party in Yosemite, California
A “Good Ol’ Country” BBQ Party in Yosemite, California

The very first easy decoration idea we can pick from this “Good Ol’ Country” BBQ Party our Teuko family had is the garland made with red and blue bandanas!

The buffet set next to the barbecue was made of wooden planks over straw bales. While it’s difficult to get that type of straw bales outside the countryside, you may want to set your buffet the same way that the tables were covered, with a country style checkered tablecloth, and put some smaller straw bales on the table for decoration 😉

Don’t forget to put some “Good Ol'” (or new) Country music on (or ask family and friends to play), and, as the night falls, light on the garlands.

The “Good Ol’ Country” Meal

The "Good Ol' Country Cookin" meal our Teuko Family had in Yosemite, California.
The “Good Ol’ Country Cookin” meal our Teuko Family had in Yosemite.

A simple, and yet, tasty “Good Ol’ Country Cookin” will make your BBQ night very cool! At Yosemite, we enjoyed pulled pork, coleslaw, corn, veggies (cherry tomatoes and cucumbers), stuffed potatoes, hot dogs, burgers, and corn breads.

Teuko kid having a great time eating her "good ol' country cookin" dinner
Our Teuko Kid enjoyed her “Good Ol’ Country Cookin”

Get your meat at a local farm so that it can be even fresher and tastier. You can also get awesome American Wagyu Ground Beef, Kurobuta Baby Back Ribs, and Premium Deli Style Hot Dogs (or American Waygu hot Dogs) from our friends at Snake River Farms, all delivered to your doorstep. For adding yummy BBQ flavors, don’t forget BBQ rubs and sauces! And, last but not least, having a very yummy bun will help male the difference too – we recommend the Bakerly buns, they’re particularly good!

If you want to offer some meat alternative, grilled fish, like BBQ salmon, or a crispy skewer of shrimps, is very yummy too! For conveniency, our friends at SizzleFish can deliver pure natural fish to your door!

As you can see on the photographs, we had plastic blue plates. The color matches pretty well with the red checkered tablecloth and reminds the colors of the bandanas garland, but if possible, blue ceramic plates would be more eco-friendly. Otherwise, another great option is to serve in disposable bamboo plates!

Don’t forget: kids always want some S’mores!

You can always offer a refreshing and colorful fruit salad along juicy slices of watermelon for dessert, but a S’mores party will bring the best memories!

Get a bonfire, make a buffet nearby with skewers, marshmallows, chocolate, and crackers, and you’re all set!

Oh! And with few cardboards, write some messages like “Wild Wild West” or “The [Your Family Name]s Ol’ Country BBQ Party”. You can also setup a photo booth for inviting to make more souvenirs. That will add another touch of fun! 😉

Teuko Kids as the Wanted "Teuko Gang Desperados"
Teuko Kids as the Wanted “Teuko Gang Desperados”

Any other idea that you would like to share with us for making the best BBQ night ever? Let us know in the comments!

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