Flower Blossom Strawberry Smoothie by Jenny

Strawberry smoothies bloom in Spring style with our Teuko friend Jenny. Jenny lives in Colorado, in the United States, but she is originally from South Korea. This mix of two cultures makes her cuisine so rich. Today, she is sharing with us a recipe for making unique strawberry smoothies. Four simple ingredients is all you need to make Spring blossom in your smoothies year-round!

What you need

Only 4 ingredients are needed for this smoothie:
Milk and strawberries for the smoothie. Optional: a cup of plain yoghurt.
Chocolate syrup and strawberry powder for decoration.

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For the smoothie add 5~8 strawberries per one cup of milk and blend them in the blender! You can add honey or sugar for sweets and plain yogurt or ice if you like.

To decorate the smoothie in Spring blossom style, add a little bit of chocolate syrup on top of your smoothie using chopsticks or a fork.🌳 Draw tree shape with chocolate syrup and sprinkle strawberry powder 🍓 (you can make it easily using frozen dried strawberries or you can just add Nesquik strawberry powder) to make flower blossom. 🌸

Video Tutorial- A courtesy By Jenny For You!

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