5 Easy Ways for a More Sustainable Lunch

Guest Post By ReGrained

The average family of 4 in the U.S. wastes $2,100 annually on food. We’re throwing out almost 1 pound of food per person, per day (USDA). This massive amount of waste generates climate change pollution equivalent to 37 million cars per year, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. While forming a carpool crew may be the most obvious plan of action, you may be surprised how many easy steps can be taken toward shrinking your footprint through food.

We’re breaking down a few simple, actionable tips for packing a planet-friendly (and kid-approved!) plate on the go.

1. Choose to Reuse

Long gone are the days of paper bag lunches filled with plastic-wrapped PB&J’s. In the wake of increased awareness about the importance of green living, conscious companies have sprung up to provide zero-waste upgrades to our old school methods. It’s time to forego nostalgia and trade in that brown bag for something a little easier on the planet. Luckily, an abundance of alternatives exist– from lunch totes and bento boxes to reusable utensils and storage bags – Teuko provides solutions for all our wasteful ways!

A selection of reusable lunchbox accessories in the Teuko Boutique

2. Plan Ahead

Plan your meals out before you go grocery shopping. For individuals and families alike, meal planning can be an invaluable way to save time and money. Grocery shopping is a breeze when you know exactly what you’re looking for; plus, by planning out meals ahead of time you’re less likely to end up with excess ingredients at the end of the week. Meal planning may seem intimidating at first, but Teuko can make the process easier!

3. Shop Straight From the Source

Weekly farmer’s market trips provide the perfect opportunity to combine a fun family outing with a chance to support sustainable agriculture. Locally-sourced food has a smaller environmental footprint because the produce you buy is coming from nearby, meaning fewer greenhouse gases were emitted in the transportation process.

4. Get Creative in the Kitchen

Have fun fighting waste by challenging yourself to create homemade snacks and condiments. Bonus points if you can find ways to incorporate upcycled ingredients! Carrot top pesto, anyone? And don’t look over those leftovers! Yesterday’s dinner can be a great starting point for planning tomorrow’s lunch.

5. Buy Upcycled

We may be a bit obsessed here, but perhaps the easiest way to up your sustainable game is to choose upcycled.
What is upcycling? It’s a creatively reuse of by-products that unlocks their highest value! Companies like ReGrained, Barnana, Renewal Mill, Pulp Pantry, and Rind Snacks make tasty treats that will fit perfectly into your planet forward lunch plan.

Yummy bars with clean upcycled ingredients? Yes please!
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These 5 simple tips have the potential to save you time and money, as well as save a vast amount of the Earth’s resources from going to waste. As you can tell, there’s no need to sacrifice flavor or fun when so many appetizing alternatives exist. It’s about time we each do our part to usher in the era of eco-friendly eats!

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