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What’s cooking? Teuko and Chefclub joined their forces to bring inspiration in your kitchen during the shelter in place. We’re hosting a cooking challenge that promises to boost the motivation of the entire family!

Showtime in the kitchen!

Considering all the time we’re spending in the kitchen lately, why not making it an opportunity to cook and play together as a family? Invite your children in, build sweet memories together while teaching them skills they need to grow into happy and healthy adults. By participating to this challenge you will also enter a chance to win one Kiddoz, a kit for simplifying cooking for kids ages 4 and up with fun and easy recipes that families can make together.

Anyone can be a Chef.

Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. By partnering with Chefclub, Teuko is bringing to you easy step-by-step recipes ideas and tips specifically designed to help your kids have fun while learning how to cook. Join the challenge : you will boost your kids’ creativity and autonomy…and may expand their love of vegetables, who knows!

How to enter ?

Every week in April, Teuko will share one recipe idea to make with your children. To enter the challenge, you need to:
➡️ share a photo of what you do with the recipe of the week using #TeukoContest on Instagram.
➡️ tag 3 friends to let them know about this amazing challenge
➡️ bonus entry : each photo uploaded on will count as a double entry.

Don’t miss your chance:  4 weeks of challenge = 4 recipes ideas = 4 more chances to win!

🔗 This challenge is open to residents from the United States, France, and Germany. It will end on Thursday 04/30, 11:59 pm PST. 🔗Every week, 2 winners will be selected at random and contacted via DM. Complete official rules on

Ready to get started? All the recipes here below. Have fun and good luck! Together, we can transform cooking into a game and teach our kids lifetime skills.

Recipes to make

Recipe week 1: Cheese Sandwich!

From Wed. 04/01 to Wed. 04/08

5 easy and cute cheese sandwich variations inside. Watch the tutorial and make your own style to enter the challenge this week! Make sure to share you photo before Wed. April 8, 11.59 pm PCT.

Recipe week 2: Easter Nest!

From Wed. 04/08 to Wed. 04/15.

It will take you no more than an egg, a carrot and a pie crust to create a beautiful Easter Nest. Watch the tutorial and make your own style to enter the challenge this week! Make sure to share your photo before Wed. April 15, 11.59 pm PCT.

Recipe week 3: Octopus Pizza!

From Wed. 04/15 to Wed. 04/22.

Watch this tutorial and get ready to make the most appetizing pizza you never made before! See the video, make your own style, and make sure to share a photo before Wed. April 22, 11.59 pm PCT. No flour at hand? Be creative with what ever is at hand and surprise us!

Recipe week 4: Celestian Quiche | LAST WEEK!

From Wed. 04/22 to Wed. 04/29.

Ready to enter your last chance to win a KIDDOZ Cooking set for your kids? We invite you this week to boost your family’s intake in veggies by making a very fun Celestian Quiche that will please any picky eater, no doubt! Watch this tutorial and show us what you end up with at home. Share a photo before Wed. April 29, 11.59 pm PCT.

More About The Kiddoz Cooking Kit

Visit Amazon for more informations on the KIDDOZ cooking set!

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    1. Hello Vanessa! For technical reasons, the shipping can only be made in the USA, France or Germany. We encourage all of you to participate, but please note that to be eligible to win a prize you need a mailbox in one of these countries. (or a friend entering for you!)


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