How Kirti Found Daily Support With Her Picky Eater

Meet Kirti. This working mom has been sharing lunchbox ideas with the Teuko Community from United Arab Emirates. Learn how Teuko boosted her creativity and is helping her every day with her 4yo picky eater.

Lunchbox is a Family Affair

Kirti’s family loves eating homemade food. That’s why she is packing 3 lunches a day as much as possible – for her 4yo daughter, Myrah, her husband, and herself.

She used to do all the preparation and pack lunch very late in the evenings, after coming back from work by 9 PM. Today, with 60-90 minutes left for lunch packing every morning, she just switched to morning prep, and she likes it!

Frankly, the change has not been that difficult. Almost 2 years of lunch packing has honed my lunch packing skills and made me quicker at this task. If any cooking is involved, it is done the previous evening but major preparation and assembly is done in the morning only. 

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3 Steps To Pack Faster

1. Menus – Keep the lunch box menu simple like sandwich, bagels, wraps, sushi, home made muffins (prepare a weekly batch or use frozen) and use leftovers if any.

2. Cooking – Cook in the evening. If lunch box menu has cooked items, do the cooking night before like boiling the pasta or preparing the rice for fried rice, sushi etc.

3. Accessories – If you are using bento accessories, keep them handy in well partitioned organiser. Segregate your routine sandwich cutters, fruit/veggie cutters and food picks. Place your silicon liners, wax paper sheets and paper doilies separate. This organisation of bento accessories & tools saves a lot of time in the morning. 

How Teuko boosts her creativity daily

I discovered Teuko when I started adding few bento box pictures of my brand new and first bento box on my personal Instagram account. It was like I discovered a panacea for lunch boxes. Teuko’s Instagram account led me then to the free web app

I’ve opened a free account on to document my simple plain lunches. And I realized fast how the accessories and creativity could help a lot with my picky eater. That’s how I started to take ideas from the Teuko community daily and went into this Bento Lunches Party head on. 

I love the fact that Teuko brings together so many Lunch Packing parents on one platform! It’s a global and humble community without any borders, judgment or bias! I am so proud to be a part of this beautiful dedicated LunchBox Community where I get inspired every single day.

Best Lunchbox Hack : Planning!

While kids are younger and cannot decide what to eat or pack for lunch, you need to plan. Plan your weekly menu and do a grocery shopping based on that menu. 

If your kids are older, involve them in menu planning. Let them help you in grocery shopping. Apart from inculcating healthy food habits, this brings awareness on time and finance management too. 

Weekly planning has helped me to do justified grocery shopping and not overload my fridge/pantry. It saves me time in the morning when I don’t have to stand in the kitchen and waste precious minutes on deciding “what to pack today”.

Kirti’s Favorite Accessories

My favorite accessories are the food picks…all kinds of food picks. Special love for the “Goggly Eyes” and “Leaves” picks for strawberries/carrots etc. 

It might not be an accessory, but I absolutely cannot proceed with lunch packing without Silicon Liners and Wax Paper Sheets. They are the basic essentials every lunch packing parent should have.  

My daughter’s favorite foods to take in a lunchbox are pancakes, noodles, egg salad sandwich and rice. Here are below Myrah’s favorite lunchbox ideas that you can find on

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