Teuko partners with iCliniq to connect families to doctors anytime, anywhere

It is said that one apple a day keeps the doctor away. As we pack lunches for our kids every day, we do everything in our power to keep them happy and healthy. In our efforts to build the one-stop resource for families who pack lunch, Teuko is now partnering with iCliniq to connect its community of lunchbox moms and dads to affordable and stellar health professionals.

It’s exciting to see how Teuko inspires and fosters healthy eating habits around the world, one lunchbox at a time. But where to find professional help without breaking the bank when we fear that our kids may have a food allergy, when we notice changes in eating habits, or when we simply need advice to keep on doing the right thing to help them grow well and healthily? Problem solved with our latest feature “Ask a Doctor”.

Get affordable online medical advice

Teuko joined its forces with iCliniq, an online doctor consultation platform where you can get medical advice from doctors. Via Teuko, you can now get a medical second opinion anytime, anywhere, by query, by chat, by a phone call, or by a video call.

How to get medical advice from a nutritionist, a dietician, a pediatrician, or any other medical professional via Teuko?
1- Log in Teuko
2- Go to your personal dashboard
3- Click on the icon representing a doctor
You’ll be redirected to iCliniq: ask a doctor online, the first query is FREE!

See How to Ask Medical Advice Through Teuko.com

Teuko tip: If you’re comfortable enough with the doctor you’re in touch with, you can easily share the lunch boxes you track in Teuko, by attaching a screenshot or the pdf of the weekly meal plan you can download from your dashboard (printer icon).

Why iCliniq?

What we love about iCliniq is that they uphold the highest standards when approving physicians to practice in their online doctor consultation service. They stringently verify their online doctors to ensure they are fully licensed so that the care provided will always be of the highest quality.

Jessica Gury, CEO of Teuko.com, and Dhruv Suyamprakasam, CEO of iCliniq.com, both Nasdaq’s Milestone Makers, share their vision of a healthier future in San Francisco.

Their mission is to provide the highest caliber of online healthcare and to offer a unique service where any patient can receive consultation with any doctors irrespective of their geographical location. Thus, as a truly innovative company, their doctor panel consists of medical practitioners, physicians and therapists from the USA, UK, India, Germany, and many more countries.

We hope that together, we’ll be able to help you build a healthy future for your kids… one lunchbox at a time!

Want to get your free professional advice? Start tracking what you pack for lunch with Teuko and ask a doctor online!


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