Exploring new lunchbox ideas with Angela

Angela lives in Orange County, in California, with her family. She is packing lunch daily for her three kids (7, 5, and 4yo) and she is sharing all her inspiring lunch ideas under the username @Parkfamilylunchbox on Teuko. Read more about this very organized lunchbox mom!

What is you lunchbox routine?

I am very much a planner and like to have the week’s lunches planned out on an Excel spreadsheet along with my dinner meal plans. That way I can see everything in one place and make sure I’m using all the food we have. I prep what I can before I go to bed (setting out dry foods, filling water bottles, putting refrigerated items in one place) and assemble in the morning.

What do you like most about Teuko?

The school year is long and I am always looking for new lunch ideas that are easy, healthful and fun! It’s great to have a resource like Teuko that allows to quickly search and share ideas within a community. I really like being able to search by a specific food to see how I can use the same thing in different ways!

What is your best lunchbox hack?

I’m always looking for new ideas but I have a set list of kid-approved lunches that I know I can rotate which makes it so much easier to get through each week. I can rely on them and add seasonal fruits and veggies or new snacks so my kids don’t always feel like they’re eating the same thing.

Practically, I prep as many things as I can at the beginning of the week to make morning packing easier and faster (washing and cutting fruits and veggies, hard boiling a batch of eggs, baking muffins, etc.)

I also have my “just in case I oversleep and have no time to pack a lunch” back-up! I always have these on hand – for us it’s salami, cheese, crackers, pre-cut fruits and veggies. I can pack this in 2 or 3 minutes. Confession – we have overslept a few times this year and this has saved me!

Angela’s Favorites

In term of accessories we use the Planetbox Rover and Thermos Funtainer. I love using colorful silicone baking cups when I need extra compartments and fun food picks.

My kids’ favorite lunch boxes are Olive & cream cheese roll-ups and anything with rice!

Are you ready to transform your lunchbox experience? Create your free account on Teuko.com and start tracking your lunchbox ideas today!


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