3 Questions For Melissa

Melissa is a very proud mum of 2 beautiful girls who are just 3yrs and 5yrs. They live and thrive in Canada on the Vancouver island B.C. (YYJ). Melissa discovered Teuko while starting an Instagram account to keep a visual diary of her oldest snack plates, lunch boxes and the amazing produce from her family garden.

  • What made you start a Diary of your lunch boxes?

As my eldest daughter started kindergarten at Primary school this year, I felt the transition to be a bit overwhelming. Our school has an allergy free playground which means no food can be taken outside during play. They allow 15 min for the kids to eat. Not enough time for my little Miss. I took some time to try and figure out what works the most successful. We found Bento style lunchbox to be the easiest way to get her to make smart choices in the time allowed. Online tracking keeps me from getting in a rut and being too repetitive. It also allows for little Miss herself to look back for reference and the ability to make requests for her own lunches!

Melissa - lunch boxes on Teuko.png
Melissa’s Lunchbox Diary on Teuko.com
  • What are your lunchbox routine and best hacks?

I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as kids food. Healthy food and healthy recipes should be eaten by all. That doesn’t mean we can’t cheat and have a little fun along the way!

The perfect lunchbox to me includes 2 fruits, 2 veggies, a protein and a dose of fun. I always try to include my children in the choices of what their Bento includes, such as favourite fruit skewers or special shaped sandwiches! My girls love to include a theme.

We also enjoy involving the kids to pick a new food a week at the grocery store to include in our meals.

  • What do you like the most about Teuko so far?

I enjoy your Food Challenges because they force myself and the family into variety in our diet and creative uses for lunches. I would love to see more challenges and even a few international contests!

Melissa - lunchbox Asperge
Teuko Food Challenge, #Asparagus


BONUS: Melissa’s favourites

  • Lunch Bag:  Roots lunch kit – double pocket allows you to pack snacks separate from lunch to make sure my child eats the correct food at the appropriate time.
  • Lunch Box container
    • Omielife  – hot/cold Bento lunchbox – is great because of the ability to pair sides with a hot thermos option. The movable dividers and deeper depth are a bonus.
    • Yumbox original and snack size are great for leak-proof options and variety of smaller snack options.
  • Water Bottle?  Thermos children’s water bottles are great because of the insulation keeps ice cold for a long time.



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