The Teuko Team : parents & volunteers

Blog post originally published on February 18, 2017. By Jessica Gury.

Few years back, Alex and I met at our kids’ school. We both love helping our neighbors and friends, and thus, we try to be present, help and volunteer as much as we can. Our kids’ school is one community we love dearly and it was a no-brainer for us to go give a hand for a special event organized this week, the Week of Taste.

Some chefs came to interact with the kids, making them discover new food. The director even organized a big game, the idea being about to connect kids with healthy and gourmet food. As parents, Alex and I were volunteers and we prepared some plates with tiny samples of yummy gourmet food cooked with love by SF chefs.

During this special week, I also had the chance to come in my son’s classroom, for talking about lunchtime: when, where and what do kids have lunch in France and in the USA? What’s different and is there something in common yet?

He and his friends are pretty young, 4 and 5yo, so I prepared a quick presentation, and then, I organized a game with the teacher, using Teuko. I was pretty happy to see that the slides I prepared were easy for them to understand and I was also amazed to see how attentive the kids were. The goal of this presentation was to tell them that, yes, even if they bring lunch boxes everyday at school and that we have busy lives, they can choose good yummy food and have the equivalent of a French gourmet menu!

Even though Teuko is created for parents and for all the other “older” lunchbox makers, this experience showed that making our kids participate with us for creating new lunchbox menus can be a fantastic way to get new original lunchbox ideas, and that it’s also a fantastic way to value their opinion, to know them better, to know what food they like and what food they want to discover.

You’re not a parent or you’re not having kids around? Well, maybe you have friends or family members packing everyday? By discovering and organizing your lunchbox ideas, you can know the food you like and the food you want to discover too! So… what’s next in your lunchbox? Create your own Week of Taste with Teuko 😉

Love, Jess


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