Let colorful seasonal products jazz up your lunch boxes!

Blog post originally published on October 15, 2016. By Alexandra.

Do you already feel like you are running out of lunchbox ideas? Are you already stuck in a rut? Or tussling with the kids over junk food lunch kits?

Don’t let the lunchbox boredom get you down : let fall seasonal products inspire you. Go for more apples, figs, pears, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and winter squash. For more inspiration check out our Instagram feed. While Teuko team is trying to keep things fast and easy, we always try to pack new things and rely for that on seasonal products.


Did you realize that since Back-to-School you’ve already packed about 10 weeks of lunches? Have you keep track of your kids favorites? If so, please share your own photos with the Teuko community using the hashtag #Teuko on social networks. Every family have its own eating standards and habits, and there’s always someone who can benefit from yours.

We are looking forward to discovering your ideas,

Love the Teuko Team


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