French postcards

Blog post originally published on November 5, 2016. By Jessica.

My little family and I had the chance to make a short trip in France recently, and I could not send a postcard to each one of you… And even when I’m far away from my beautiful San Francisco indeed, I think a lot about all of you and Teuko. Thus, this is the better way I could find at the end, to share with you, here in the Teuko blog, all the wonders I saw and experienced.


Ask some chefs about a city where food is great and many of them will answer you that Lyon, in France, is the worldwide city of gastronomy. I can’t say that myself because San Francisco is a pretty great place for gastronomy too, with many 3* Michelin restaurants, but it’s true that historically, food is in the DNA of the citizens of this beautiful city and that we eat very well in Lyon. I especially enjoyed eating in a bouchon, a typical bistrot from Lyon, Abel. The food, the atmosphere… everything fresh, generous… It was just simply great.


The Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse is a must-see for the foodies. Of course, you can go on a farmers’ market, enjoying the city at the same time, but the products there are a total delight: colorful salads for appetizer… quiches, meat pies or other salty tarts for entrée… cheeses, LOTS of cheeses, with this overpowering amazing smell (yum! 🙂 )… and many delicacies and treats for dessert… All this diversity and these colors made me think of Teuko, the lunch boxes, the food, and, of course, us, our amazing community of lunchbox packers 🙂


My kids were a little bit sad that we would miss the amazing Pumpkin Patch we used to go to in San Francisco. France, indeed, has not this Fall/Halloween spirit (Halloween is celebrated a little bit, but it is totally not the same. Moreover, ads and magazines with Christmas ideas are already sent at this time of the year!). But we had the very good surprise that the Parc de la Tête d’Or had a Pumpkin Event, the “Festival des Courges”… and my kids enjoyed this great French pumpkin patch 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post and these French postcards 🙂

Sending #TeukoLove to you all,



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