FABA 2016: the Demo & Pitch Contest

Blog post originally shared on May 27, 2016. By Jessica Gury.

Teuko was selected for the FABA2016 Demo & Pitch Contest. As indicated in its name, this free event was organized in two parts. First, Alexandra and I had to talk about Teuko to the public coming to our demo table.

Then, only five companies had the chance to be selected by the public: pitching to the public… We’re very proud we made it!

We did not win any prize and we could not attend the last (paying) event organized by the French American Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco (remember! we bootstrap Teuko! As Teuko’s Mamas, we have to be careful with extra costs!). But it will remain an incredible adventure for both Alexandra and me. Presenting Teuko to 100 persons is a small step but yet, it remains an important one which validated that people wants Teuko! 🙂


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